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Work securely from anywhere.

Our work-from-anywhere solution enables remote workforces and employees to operate securely outside the office.
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The tools to manage a remote workforce.

As world events continue to reshape the idea of a traditional office, we’ve been helping customers continue their normal operations. Working from home is a different challenge for every business. As the 9-5 day blurs around the edges and office walls are torn down, businesses must reassess how their employees can be most effective elsewhere.

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Think outside the box—and the office.

Our approach to operational efficiency regardless of workspace is different for every client. Technology should match the needs of the business, not the other way around. We work with our clients to evaluate workflows, in-place technology, and business objectives in order to implement the best solution to meet the need.

Our key distributed IT features.

Give your team the freedom to work remotely with the same in-office security measures.
Hosted Desktop & VDI

Leverage the ProSource Cloud for a secure workspace that is accessible from anywhere.

Next-Gen Firewalls

Ensure your home network is safe from external attackers with the latest in security hardware.

Microsoft & Office 365

Leverage the world’s leading collaboration platform for remote work.

Managed Security

Ensure your business is protected with security that works everywhere.

Password Management

Manage organization passwords safely and efficiently for your team.

Hosted PBX

Allow your employees to make and take phone calls from any device, anywhere.

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